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Playleb is a social sports platform that connects players and clubs online then makes it easy to play and organize sports matches offline.

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What is Playleb?

Playleb is an online sports network that makes it easy for you to play & organize sport matches.

What can I do with Playleb?
  • Find Matches to join in your area
  • Book the closest pitch to your home
  • Find Clubs to join or create your own
  • Find people to fill out the teams' rosters
  • Stay update on who is coming & avoid surprises
  • Animate matches with ratings, posts and teases
  • Play more, more often... and whenever you want!
Why should I use Playleb?
  1. Save time & Money
  2. It's totally free
  3. It's easy to use
  4. Great way of building networks
  5. Thanks to ratings and statistics, matches become more entertaining


Who can organize a match?

Any player on Playleb can organize a pick-up match. However, you need to be a club manager to organize a club challenge.

Can I organize a match in a sports centre which is not listed on Playleb?

You can definitely organize a match there but first you need to simply add the facility to our database.

Can I cancel a match?

You can always cancel a match up to 18 hours before the kick off.

Can I have benches in a match?

Yes. You can set the number of substitutions available by adjusting it from the advanced option.

What is the level?

The level is how well you think you can play a specific sport. It helps connect you to other sport players of the same level.

What is the rating?

The rating is a system that measures the skill of a player in terms of matches won or lost. Every new player starts with 1500 points. That is the average rank for all Playleb players.

How can I update score?

After the match is played, click on "update score box" from your match detail page .


How can I withdraw from a match?

To leave the match click on ‘Drop out’ in the match detail page.

How do I know if a match is on?

Playleb sends a confirmation e-mail to all player when minimum number of players is met.

If the roster is not complete, do I have to wait until the last second?

Always contact the organizer for confirmation and remember that you can still join a match up to 1 hour before the kick off. In case the roster was not complete, Playleb will not record the match as played.

What happens if I do not show up for a match?

Not showing up is the worst crime you can commit on Playleb, you will cause inconvenience to the other participants. To limit such incidents our system reports these incidents and identifies No-Show players as unreliable. If the incident happens again with the same player, he will banned from using the website for that particular season.

What time should I show up for the match?

It is always appreciated to be 10-15 minutes earlier to any match. It is a great opportunity to socialize and conduct your warm-up.

How do I find the sports centre?

On the Match details page you will always find the address of the sport centre. You can click on it to find a map view of the sport facility.

What jersey should I wear?

The teams in the roster page can be recognized as either red or black. Please remember the color of the team that you have chosen to play with!

How should I behave on the field?

Playleb matches are not governed by referees or bouncers. The good performance of a match relies on the intelligence of its participants: Be sporting and loyal, respect your teammates and opponents.

How do I pay my fee?

The organizer, who has booked the pitch is responsible for paying the sports center and collect the fees from all the participants.


What can I do with my club?

You can organize matches within your club (inter-club challenge). You can also organize challenges against other clubs (open club challenge).

What is a club manager?
The Club manager(s) administers the club based on the following:
  • Can accept challenges and organize matches in the name of his club
  • Can accept, exclude or include new members
  • Can change the club's details
  • Is only one that can't be excluded from the club
Can I arrange a match just for the club's members?

Yes, to do that you need to create a match and choose the match type as “inter-club challenge”.

How can I make a challenge against another club?

When you create a match you have to select the club and then choose ‘club challenge’ as the type of the match. Then you have to find another club to accept the challenge.

What is the club rank?

The club rank is the score that measures the total points that result from Win/Lose challenges between clubs.

Public club vs Private club?

The clubs can be public or private. In order to join a private club, the club manager needs to accept your request.

Can I suggest a friend to the club?

Yes, you can do it directly from the club's page.


Which venues are listed on Playleb?

You will find all the venues that are added directly by our members.

Who enters the information about venues?

Information on venues are initially added by the users and then verified by Playleb.

How can I add a new venue?

If you can't find you're venue, you can add one by from "Organize a Match" page.